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Choosing a word for the year

My favorite thing to do each year is pick a word to focus on and pray over my life. I’m not anti-resolution, but this helps me set good intentions for all of my goals.

My 2020 word was abide. My 2021 word was overcome.

For 2022, I couldn’t choose between simplicity and connect, so I picked both!

Simplicity: noun

Plain, natural, easy to understand. Free from complexity.

Direct and clear. Reduce to essentials.

I chose simplicity because life just feels too damn chaotic and complicated most days. I get so tired and overwhelmed by trying to keep up with ALL THE THINGS. There are so many “diets” to try, workouts to follow, supplements to take, self-care to dos, sides to pick, all while maintaining a job, household, relationships, and faith.

My focus on simplicity is to get back to the basics, make space for peace, and focus only on what really matters.

Connect: verb

Bring together. Be united. Join with something/someone else.

I chose connect because the busy-ness of life leaves me running on a hamster wheel and I forget to actually have connection. I want to connect to my home and neighborhood. Connect with my boyfriend. Connect to my job and coworkers. Connect to my Poplar and Spice business. Connect with my friends and family. Connect with my church. Connect to myself, body and mind. And connect with God.

These words will be at the forefront of my intentions for each 2022 goal I set for myself. For example; I would like build more muscle, lose body fat, and feel more energized. I have tried so many different types of workout programs and food plans over the past few years, but it hasn't gotten me to my goals. I have made the decision to join a gym and go to classes again starting this week. Going to a strength training class where somebody else coaches me brings simplicity to my workout plan. That is less time and brain energy I need to have to figure this out for myself. I have also missed the accountability and community aspect of classes, therefore it will also help me connect. And hopefully these intentions help reach my goal as well. WIN WIN WIN.

I believe and will be praying for connection to come easy and authentically as I find simplicity in each area of my life.

What word are you choosing for your 2022? Sit and think on it. Pray on it. Take a silly online quiz to pick one for yourself. Or feel free to steal mine.

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